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Joe is retired, following 30 years of naval service and a decade in industry.

Joe now devotes his time to community voluteer work as a high school mathematics tutor and editor for two newsletters. He enjoys writing children’s books, poetry, and lyrics for songs. Joe has written and published his books in Sarasota, Florida, using Peppertree Press

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Notes From The Author: Time for Special Thanks

  • Ramon E. Owen

    Credit please to those who have made it possible for me to write these books. To Ramon Owen (also known as “REO”, a Ringling School Of Art student I met and helped along the way. REO is a talented artist who has been the principal illustrator for my books. When I met him he was a struggling art student, who I helped with books and supplies while he worked on my illustrations.

  • ron berringer

    Without Ron my songs would have no melody, only the words that I have created. Ron Berringer has brought my songs to life, and added not only his melodies and musical knowledge to them, but also brought his voice to give them life.
    Ron has sadly passed away, and will be sorely missed. His keyboards and other instrumentals earned him the names "Tropical Tom" when performing in the area. He performed to loving audiences in the Sarasota, Bradenton, and St. Petersburg, Florida for many years.

  • reo is now in L.A.

    REO’s current interest is in music production, poetry, dancing and character sketching. He is currently a songwriter and producer representing the music production company that he helped found, “The Soundkillers.” The group includes music producer Phoenix along with songwriter Dion Primo. Within the past decade, REO has worked with T-Pain, Teedra Moses, Juelz Santana, Keyshia Cole and Beyonce.

  • mindy simmons

    This talented songwriter and vocalist joined my team when she added her vocals to my musical "TREES". Initially, I had recordings for my presentation of the musical by Ron Berringer, but was always being told it would work much better with a female vocalist portraying the female parts. Mindy not only added her voice to "TREES!" as the female part, but also did numerous children's voices on the recording. Later, she collaborated with both Ron and Howlin' Bob Fieberts on my CD, "Jewett City Polka".

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