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One of joe's long term projects has been the creation of a musical entitled trees!

Not a project for the faint-hearted, Joe began writing his musical over 15 years ago. TREES! is a musical for children, or the young at heart. It follows the story of a Canadian Fir who stows away aboard a shipment of Christmas trees on a journey to see the world, and travels to Paris France. While there, he meets the love of his life. Lots of wonderful songs and a great story line! For more information on TREES! the musical, and to view the power point presentation, please contact Joe by email or phone.

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Some Background on the Musical TREES!

  • trees! began years ago

    The concept of trees as personalities in a musical is delightful! Joe began writing the musical, and met the late Ron Berringer who helped him arrange the music to the lyrics. Once the musical was written, it was a challenge to make a presentation that producers could grasp. And so Ron recorded all the music, and Joe created a 40 minute power-point presentation to help those interested understand the concept.

  • ron berringer

    Without Ron, Joe's songs would have no melody. Ron Berringer has brought the musical TREES! to life, and added not only his melodies and musical knowledge to them, but also brought his voice to the songs.
    Ron has passed away, and will be sorely missed. His keyboards and other instrumentals earned him the names "Tropical Tom" when performing in the area. He performed to loving audiences in the Sarasota, Bradenton, and St. Petersburg, Florida for many years.

  • the path isn't easy

    As Joe presented his musical to different producers interest grew, but many suggested that it was difficult to grasp the concept with all the music being recorded in a male voice, because (of course) TREES! is a love story, and without the female and children's voices added to the presentation, it was hard to portray. It seemed at the time that all of Joe's and Ron's diligent work might have been in vain.

  • enter mindy simmons

    This talented songwriter and vocalist joined Joe's team when she added her vocals to the musical "TREES". Mindy heard through Ed Kinder at Blue Rock Bakery Studios about Joe's dilemna. She not only added her voice to "TREES!" as the female tree and love interest,, but also did numerous children's voices on the recording, sometimes holding her nose to get a different child's voice, and often working hard to portray the characters in the musical. Later, she also added her voice to some songs on Joe's CD, "Jewett City Polka".

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