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Select the number of the panel you are viewing to stop the motion below, then you can read more about Joe's books. Purchase them with PayPal and you'll receive them within a short time! There's also a short description of each book below the slideshow, and a Paypal purchase button. Joe's books make great gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, or just to send a little love to a child!

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  • Not The Brightest Crayon In The Box & The Adventures of two magical trees $9.95

    Olive just wants to be chosen, to color! Sadly, brighter colors are always picked. One day an artist shows the children Olive's true inner beauty.

    In the second story, a kind an lovable Canadian Spruce named Jacques meets a magical evergreen from Paris who loves to dance, and they happily enjoy their friendship.


    This poem addresses the silly side of happiness, where a child tickles a horse who has a blue mane! A wonderful read, over and over again.

  • shadi the shadow who wanted to be free $14.95

    A book of wonder written for an older child. Shadi travels the world, once freed, to learn the secret of her being. She visits 13 countries, with excellent references to local phenomenon in each visit. Flags of each country are also displayed and discussed in the book.

  • two tales of that very first christmas   $5.95

    AN ANGEL NAMED ÉTOILE is a mischievous spirit who learns a valuable lesson at lightning speed. “… She’d tease the Cherubim, then zip to Seraphim, those angels most on high. And would do antics that made the angels of Thrones and Dominions sigh. …”

    THE STRAW GIRL Moved by a dream, unknowingly prepares the cradle for a most important baby. “…Ruth journeyed every day from that isolated family farm, attended oft’ by her young brother, Amos, with his boyish charm. … One night, an angel appeared to Ruth in a dream, to foretell an event of significance to take place nearby – this news from heaven sent. She was told to load an extra supply of fresh clean hay and straw on her next trip to Bethlehem – an event of greatness was in store. …”

  • shawn the hopping christmas tree   $5.95

    In a forest of holiday books, this one stands alone! Because Shawn was not stuck to the ground, he could hop - he could spring - he could bound! Charming, delightful and beautifully illustrated by Diane Henry.

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