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Joe writes poetry for grown ups as well.

Joe's sensitive, excellent poetry has earned him accolades from friends and awards as well. There are examples below, one from this tender book entitled Eddies and Vortices, and another more recent, unpublished poem..

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Some Selections From Joe's Poetry:

  • Arrows of Cupid

    Cupid's leaden-headed arrow is said to kill love; by contrast, Cupid's golden-headed arrow inspires love)

    What kills love?

    The humdrum work comprising daily life;
    the never-ending chores by man and wife?

    Annoying habits leading to disgust;
    unrequited love is spawning mistrust?

    An itch for life apart from tiring mate,
    to turn elsewhere in search of better fate?

    The ended passion marking lustful youth;
    reaction to unveiled suspected truth?

    Financial ruin because of past excess;
    or dreams unmet and no hope for success?

    Preventing growth; attempting to control,
    the freedom lost begetting vitriol?

    A lifetime devoted to none but self;
    life's fullest measure kept upon the shelf?

    Love wanes when proffered heart gets no reply -
    the arrow of lead strikes true and this

    Love will die.

    What inspires love?

    A savoring to full of daily life;
    patient sharing of tasks by man and wife.

    Annoying habits unheeded at last;
    love returned, old lapses kept in the past.

    Relishing life and thus inspiring mate,
    pursuing paths to new delights create.

    Waning passions the mark of lusty youth
    matures to deep affection, Love's real truth.

    Enjoying life within the Golden Mean;
    needs met now, prepared for the unforseen.

    Each free to grow, to own interests pursue,
    revealing ways to further love accrue.

    Tho' reason for being may include pleasure,
    helping others yields life's fullest measure.

    Love grows when proffered heart gets like reply -
    struck by Cupid's golden arrow such Love cannot die.

  • lilac rhapsody (Not in the current book)

    Surrender yearning spirit to beckoning fantasy;
    muse in sensuous interlude on floating reverie.

    Quench Desire's carefree thirst; soar upwardly
    where pleasant whispers rustle dreamily.On deep ceaseless vistas unbind reason's eye;
    in blissful abstract leap, envision azure sky.

    Join, now, a graceful pantomime of clouds
    burgeoning into towering billowed shrouds.
    With resplendent white mantles, sweep and converge
    atop darkening base - and toward Heaven surge.

    Pursue and savor wistful lastingness;
    Idly sail wing-and-wing in - nothingness.

    Sense cool mists and distant thunder drum,
    portending showers soon sure to come.

    With phantasmagoric sensations channeled,
    drift to yonder lea, in sunlight now enameled.

    Waft in rambling curve toward bright diadems
    of gently swaying inquiring floral gems.

    Glide to its refracting violet tint;
    ponder the balmy scented pastel glint
    emerging dreamily into rhapsodic view;
    draw near to delight in fragrant lilac dew.

    Savor ample verdant bush with curly spikes aleaf;
    hover in radiant thought at its relaxing green motif.

    There, speckled greenery like impressionist dabs of muted tones
    assemble profusely to display blossoms in countless cones.

    Each flowered pyramid flaunts exploding swirls
    of thriving white cruciform flower curls --

    Frail tiny stationary whirligigs
    immobilized on splendor'd fragile twigs.

    Following release, in climax, of fragrant aerosol,
    enervated older florets prepare to fall.

    Succumb to these enchanting floral arrays;
    bask and tarry in hushed perfumed displays,
    mindful of the random bee disinclined
    to share with you its nectar'd treasure find.

    Now, reluctantly dismount fantasy, contentment fair possessed,
    lingering tendrils of Ecstasy in rapture just caressed.

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The Smile

There's no ugliness in a person's smile;
the eyes beam first, and lips later beguile.
Hostility vanishes for a while.

It is wondrous when a smile takes place;
Resentment, scorn, hate and disdain efface.
A miracle unique to the human race.

Rear-View Mirror Sunrise

As I drove westward one early morning,
I saw to my surprise,
Creation there, in my rear-view mirror
Dawn in miniature size.

Resplendent, with blazing colors,
As Sunrises generally are;
This glorious brilliant masterpiece
Was framed there in my car.

Suspended in sightly splendor,
Unseen anywhere else on Earth
Streaks of gray and red on gleaming yellow
Across the Sun's expanding girth.

No time to appreciate properly,
Or to ponder or analyze.
No chance to grab a camera
To offer later proof of my prize.

The magic lasted but a moment,
It all went away too soon.
My attention turned back to driving;
Perhaps tonight I'll catch the Moon?

To Women

I admire all women young and old
friends and relatives and strangers
their images in photos
oils and watercolors
Mrs. or misses
their existence
resides in

resides in
their existence
Mrs. or misses
oils and watercolors
their images in photos
friends and relatives and strangers
I admire all women young and old

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